Sep 12
Check Out Mobile Banking



Mobile Banking

 Consumers today want anytime, anywhere financial management. With Mobiliti, you can effectively access, monitor and manage your finances all through a low cost, self service channel while keeping pace with users’ needs. Security State Bank is committed to delivering an online channel that meets the needs of our increasingly tech
savvy customer base.

Why Choose


  • Wealth of Features- Go beyond just the basics of balances, transfers and bill payments
    with Mobiliti’s powerful suite of standard features that also include alerts
    and notifications, customer care tools, service reporting, and analytics and
    diagnostic tools.
  • Safe and Secure- Protect your data, reputation, and users in the mobile channel with the
    solution ranked No. 1 in security by Javelin Strategy & Research. Rest easy
    with Mobiliti’s rigorous security standards from enrollment, data encryption
    and transaction auditing to reporting and regulatory compliance.
  •  Universal Reach- Consumers can access their finances and banking services across a range
    of devices and networks, thanks to the flexibility of Mobiliti.
  •    Flexible Access- An all in one mobile banking and payment solution, Mobility supports
    all three mobile access modes- Short Message Service (SMS), mobile browser, and
    downloadable applications. Easily enroll through their online account, and then
    choose one, two or all three ways to access mobile banking.


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